Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another Means to Self-adulation

I'd like to coin a new word; “Wiki-genius” – someone who knows a lot about something [wants people to think he or she knows a lot about something] because he or she just read a Wikipedia article about it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Random Observations...

The following is just a collection of aphorisms, gripes, and general expressions I've made and accumulated over time for my Promethean Observer website. I don't have time to organize them as I'd like to so I've simply posted them below -- mostly to fill space. As usual; agree, be sparked to thought or be enraged by the fact that there is a conservative view of things and it's valid before the eyes and ears of many:

Those who blindly waddle into the socialist snare do so expecting a miracle...ultimately they find a bland government office with teeth...and a line at a rationing trough.

For people who bandy about the "F word" (fascist") so frequently, the left harbors an odd sympathy for the authority of a centralized state.

(A socialist's creed). My golf game trumps your trips to the bowling ally. My alternative music collection isn't materialism! Your country music collection is. Your stuff is an expression of materialism. My stuff is a symbol of my superior intellect and moral values .

It is a fact that if humans are free to live by their own standards, choices, and goals, some will fail . But, does one man's errant judgment or stupidity justify another's bondage? The leftist says, "yes." The left always chooses stupidity as noble and brands achievement a crime against humanity. Is it no wonder that the stupid are among the left's greatest constituencies?

"The greatest good for the greatest number" sounds great until you realize that you may not be among the chosen "number."

Hope breeds action. Complete oppression does not lead to revolution. It is when people can actually see the promised land that they demand access to the promised land. (This is exemplified in numerous historical circumstances).

The "progressives'" hopes of establishing varying levels of socialism and “sacrifice” for various schemes is no more than an attempt to reestablish feudalism and -- in more than a few examples - monarchy.

The only true revolutions to have occurred in modern times are those which have freed the individual from external oppression and constraint. The freedom to voluntarily interact as one chooses is revolutionary in he grand scheme of history. The desire to compel obedience to an all powerful state and its bureaus from a conjured “society” is no more than a transparent power-grab by an elite clique'.

The difference between a socialist and a communist is that a socialist is a communist that doesn't realize it until they've achieved adequate power to impose their demands.

A political party chastising another for “being partisan” is like red accusing blue of being a different color.

I'm going to wait until the end of the world before I panic about the end of the world.

When rich people complain about people who are rich...I'm not impressed.

A parasite is an oppressor that works from the ground up.

Anyone who uses the words “workers” and “party” in the same phrase probably favors a dictatorship.

The whole nature of bureaucracy is to afford considerable power and authority to people who – in optimal circumstances – would have NO power and authority.”

At the heart of every leftist scheme lies an inability to acknowledge human nature. In their eyes, all imperfections can be rectified by planning, molding, and coercing human behavior. And, when that fails to accomplish it's ends, sufficient deprivation or punishment is always the next step in their compulsive drive to gain compliance.

Compassion has absolutely nothing to do with what you're “willing” to force someone else to do.

P.C. Is B.S.

When someone makes the idiotic comment that “we are too free,” they can either truthfully mean, “I'm too free,” which is a blatantly stupid thing to say, or, “other people are too free,” which means the person making such a claim wishes he or she could merely control the lives of others.

Contemporary “capitalism” can be considered “capitalist” in the same way that an ice cream parlor can be considered “cold.”

The difference between a communist and socialist/progressive is that the latter hasn't worked up the honesty to say they want to have people who disagree with them imprisoned or executed.

At probably no other time in history have so many people – living freely and in abundance -- chosen to be enemies of their own society.

No one ultimately “wins” a war. All a nation can do, if it immerses itself in the chaos of Mars, is their best effort and hope that things in the end settle in their favor.

Friday, June 17, 2011


The Selfishness of the Selfless / The Independence of the “Inter-dependent”

While the concept of the group, the collective, or “society” has a valid essence it is equally true that individuals exist in their own right. One inevitably chooses where one's allegiances are more closely allied and it is from there that one's stance on a million and one issues and perspectives can be extrapolated. Ironically, those who value group orientations tend to – themselves – be typically individualists, but not in the conservative sense.

The socialist/collectivist tends to have all the elements of selfishness, ego, and delusional arrogance that they often imagine and project on to those who honestly acknowledge their preference for individualism. Yet, for all their self-absorbsion, the collectivists' lip service is always for “the people, “the oppressed,” and “society” (or at least those parts of society they haven't selected for punishment). While such “individuals” often see themselves as a just and unique force for good to be unleashed, they typically see most others as philistines to be subdued. The dichotomy of right and left is more one of hypocrisy and lack of self-honesty on the part of collectivists then any real identification with favored levels of group affinity.

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